Weiz Copenhagen

Established Millennium

Passion, Personality & a hint of retro!


 -That´s the spirit of Weiz Copenhagen.


Designer Ulla Hvid-Hansen founded Weiz Copenhagen in December 2000. The base was a former art gallery at Nørrebro, the neighbourhood best described as the the rebellious younger brother.

Weiz Copenhagen is all about the dresses! Our designs are fun, colourful and retro inspired, often created with surprisingly details, yet never childish or costumeish.

We call it New Modern Retro!

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Meet Ulla…


an über creative, Copenhagen based dress fanatic, who loves to dress-up in high heels. Crazy about the retro style, colours and patterns, finding an all black wardrobe to be some of the most uninspiring  in the world! Ulla lives and breathes dresses! You will never find this designer in a pair of trousers.
In addition to her dressmaking business, Ulla is a passionate photographer and writer of the blog Dress it up…

That true Weiz feeling…


Being inspired and driven by the craftsmanship of the dressmaking business, Ulla started out making all the dresses by hand in the studio behind the shop. Even though the company soon grew larger and the production moved to Lithuania, Ulla still insists on making all patterns and samples herself, to make sure the finished dress has the right feel and touch.

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In Danish only…